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Apartment Carved out of Stone
Coming back from the skiing on the Mount Olympus and Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, I was driving by an area that had reported some kind of underground passage. I stopped to find out what it was about. From the map it looked like it was near a road, but it turned out to be only near some kind of agricultural path, and a kilometer or two from the drivable public roads. Well, why not walk to the darkness on the first night in a country you've never been to...
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February 2022, Σπηλιά του Μούλου, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus
Urban-Exploration (Other, Bunkers); Caving (Basic, Rock, Man-Made)

Großer Bunkerberg
Großer Bunkerberg is the name of the Berlin ruble mountain in Volkspark Friedrichshain. It housed previously one of Berlin's air defense 'flak towers', the Flakturm II G. Only a small corner of the blown up tower is still visible on the site, at the top of a large hill.
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December 2021, Großer Bunkerberg, Berlin, Germany
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers); Caving (None, Man-Made)

Looking for caves in Lohja's Linnanmäki in Karstu
The evening's excursion was to Lohja's Karstu area, in search of caves. The Linnanmäki is a high hill and cliff in Karstu, and the book Suomen Luolat notes that there are two caves on the hill. One was supposed to be inaccessible without climbing equipment. But as usual, the coordinates were inaccurate, so I ended up going around the entire hill, and I think found the other cave plus four other small roof/shelter caves.
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March 2021, Karstun Linnanmäen luola 1, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 2, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 3, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 4, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 5, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 6, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen louhos, Lohja, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, None); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Erosion); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack); Urban-Exploration (Quarries)

Korpikylä boulder cave
Korpikylä ("Remote Village") is a region in Hyrylä. I was stopping in Hyrylä for other reasons, and looked on the map for an interesting place to go snowshoeing in. Korpikylä fit the bill, and after some searching for a parking place I headed out for a two-hour nice hike in snowy forest.
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March 2021, Korpikylän lohkaresuoja, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland; Korpikylän leikkaus, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland; Korpikylän rakennelma, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland
Snowshoeing (Basic); Snowshoeing (Basic); Snowshoeing (Basic); Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Surveying); Urban-Exploration (Railway, Military); Urban-Exploration (Buildings)

LiDAR 3D modelling caves and bunkers
I continued my earlier underground tests with iPhone 12 Pro's LiDAR sensor and software. This time I started testing the 3D modelling software. Can we produce an accurate 3D model of a cave using these sensors and software?
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February 2021, Högberget, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Ansabunkkeri, Siuntio, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Equipment); Urban-Exploration (Bunkers, Equipment)

Looking for bunkers and all we found was SHIT
We drove in two cars to south end of the Porkkala peninsula -- 50 minutes away -- to explore three bunkers there. The best map that we have of the abandoned Soviet-era bunkers comes from Lynx, the local orienteering club. Unfortunately, this time their map oversold what was to be found at the location.
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February 2021, Maakellari 1, Lähteelä, Porkkala, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Maakellari 2, Lähteelä, Porkkala, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Rauniot, Lillkanskog, Porkkala, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Vesi- tai lietesäiliö, Friggesby, Porkkala, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Urban-Exploration (Ruins, Containers)

Inside the blown up central nazi navy command bunker. Alone.
Need some excitement? Maybe crawling inside a blown-up bunker in the middle of dark forest would help. Hope the Nazi command is no longer on site... and that the ammunition laying in the ground isn't dangerous.
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August 2020, Lager Koralle, Wandlitz, Germany
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers, Military); Caving (Man-Made)

Tampaja swim and the tilted house
Today's swim was at the lake Tampaja, which I had never heard about before. It is a medium-sized lake near Lapinkylä in northern parts of Kirkkonummi. There's a nice public beach, but unfortunately not much space around for a more socially distanced swims.
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July 2020, Tampajan uintipaikka, Tampaja-järvi, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Tampajan rauniosauna, Tampaja-järvi, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Swimming (Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Lake, Beach, Nature); Urban-Exploration (Buildings)

Sundet beach and Sundsberg harbour
I was looking for a place to swim in Sundberg, Kirkkonummi. My first attempt was to get to the apparent harbour on the west side, near Morbacka. Could it be a Soviet-occupation era harbour? And maybe a swimming would also be possible? This needed investigation.
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July 2020, Sundetin uimaranta, Sundberg, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Sundbergetin satama, Sundberg, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Swimming (Outdoor); Urban-Exploration (Harbours)

Stairway to Hea...Bunker
Bunker... in Jorvas. With a ladder leading down a tight concrete shaft. How could I resist?
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April 2020, Sähköaseman bunkkeri, Masala, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers); Caving (Man-Made)

Train car in the forest
As I visiting Vihti anyway, I also wanted to see something abandoned, something not likely to have other people. I found an abandoned railway car in the middle of the forest.
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April 2020, Hylätty junanvaunu, Vihti, Finland
Urban-Exploration (Vehicles)

Stockmann in trouble 100 years ago and now
100 years ago, Frans Stockmann (Nov 1920) and his wife (Apr 1919) died in Spanish Flu. Their house project in Kauniainen was left unfinished, and remains as ruins in the forest. Today, in April 2020, lack of sales due to the Coronavirus, the famous Stockmann department store has applied for protection from its creditors ("yrityssaneeraus" in Finnish, roughly equivalent to Chapter 11 in US).
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April 2020, Stockmannin rauniot, Kauniainen, Finland
Urban-Exploration (Buildings, Ruins)

Abandoned watchtower on Golan Heights
One particularly interesting thing about Mount Hermon were the military installations. Many of them. in active use, but also many that had been abandoned or that lay in ruins.
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February 2020, Abandoned watchtower, Mount Hermon, Israel
Urban-Exploration (Towers, Military); Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts)

Abandoned bunker on Golan Heights
What a shitty bunker! Literally.
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February 2020, Abandoned bunker, Mount Hermon, Israel
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers); Caving (Man-Made)

Re-visiting the Vienna flak towers
​I was in Vienna already in 2018, but for 2020 Janne and I toured the Vienna museums befor e heading to the ski resorts in Austrian alps. This allowed a new visit to Haus des Meeres, the refurbished bunker-turned-into-and-aquarium, and visits to three other bunkers.
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January 2020, Haus des Meeres, Esterhazypark, Vienna, Austria; Flakturm Stiftskaserne, Vienna, Austria; Feuerleit Flakturm Arenbergpark, Vienna, Austria; Flakturm Arenbergpark, Vienna, Austria
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers, Military); Caving (Man-Made)

At the Vienna museum of military history (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum ), we saw a funny "kugelbunker", a concrete boulder for one person shelter from the world war times.
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January 2020, Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna, Austria
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers)

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