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Venice. Fail.
It is the first time this has happened to me, honestly. I am embarrassed. I failed to find skiing on a trip.
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(Suomenkielinen versio)

June 2012, Venice, Italy
Travel; Urban-Exploration (Bridges, Skating-Rinks)

Two Feet High
We went to Matinkylä, southern Espoo today. One of the largest shopping malls in Finland, Iso Omena ("Big Apple") is located in Matinkylä. But they are also known as the site of M2, a mountain with icy slopes even in the middle of the summer. The steep slopes of M2 rise a whopping two feet above the surrounding landscape, scaring skiers and mountaineers alike. Indeed, very few climbers have climbed it.
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(Suomenkielinen versio)

June 2012, Matinkyla, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Imported-Snow); Urban-Exploration (Skating-Rinks)

Moominworld Cliffs
If I have to spend eight days per year in Moominland, it is clear that I need to come up with something interesting to do there. How about skiing down the President's Cliff? Fifteen meters of near vertical rock. Too bad I forgot my ice axes, because the return was even tricker.
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February 2012, Moominworld, Naantali, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Urban-Exploration (Amusement-Parks)

Fortress Islands
Saturday evening's exercise.
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January 2012, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Urban-Exploration (Castles)

Africa. Snow. AK-47s.
I'm glad to be back home in Finland. It was so damn cold in Africa!
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August 2011, Afriski, Lesotho
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Urban-Exploration (Ruins)

Underground biking in Maastricht
Biking underground, in a cave/mine? Why not when that's available! And in Maastricht it was!
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July 2010, Sibbergroeve, Valkenburg, Netherlands
Biking (Bike-Mountain, Underground); Urban-Exploration (Mines); Caving (Man-Made, Biking, Rock, Rock-Marble)

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